Accounting for Nonprofits: Finance and Fundraising Cooperation

Accounting for nonprofits includes both the finance and fundraising departments. These departments may be in the same division: accounting. Yet, although you work in the same office, it may feel as if you’re in entirely different organizations.

Although two entirely different groups, both share similar challenges. It’s important for both finance and fundraising to understand the duties they each perform, as well as the challenges they share. Understanding these facts leads to better communication and outcomes for all.

Similar Challenges

The finance and fundraising departments reflect different functions. Finance manages the money within a nonprofit; fundraising generates income to support programs. Both offer valuable services but have different budgeting needs. Often, these needs come into conflict.

The fundraising department wishes that the finance department could:

  • Understand that you must spend money on marketing to raise money for donations.
  • Acknowledge the inherent challenges of fundraising, especially during economic downturns.
  • Assist with improving and maintaining strong donor relations.
  • Be flexible with fundraising—it’s not always black and white in this group.

Meanwhile, down the hall or across the room, the people in the finance department also face challenges that they wish the fundraising department understood. Your colleagues in the finance department probably wish that you could:

  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Understand and acknowledge that finance’s job is both time-consuming and complicated.
  • Help them by providing information when they ask for it and need it.
  • Learn basic accounting best practices.
  • Adhere to deadlines.

When you look down the list of things each group wishes the other knew, the commonalities stand out. Respect. Understanding. Better communications. It’s a simple wish list that can be a reality with the addition of a few steps and tools to help all do their work better.

Bringing Together Finance and Fundraising – Happy Together

You can help both fundraising and finance meet in the middle by offering software that makes accounting for nonprofits easier. Software such as Intacct ERP software provides support for all financial transactions and obligations, including fundraising.

Data that is entered into one central database can be shared without barriers. It makes communication around issues related to the data easier. Finance can offer insights and support to fundraising; fundraising can share their needs and goals with finance. It’s a simple best practice that facilitates better communication and shared goals.

Other best practices that both finance and fundraising might consider implementing include group meetings, stand up meetings, and meetings with the entire accounting team. Such meetings need not be lengthy. “Stand Up” meetings come from the literal requirement that people remain standing during a meeting. Because you can’t get comfortable, you keep the meeting short. Each person reports quickly and succinctly on their team’s accomplishments and needs for the week. It’s also a time when groups can ask questions of one another and share information so that everyone is on the same page.

Accounting for Nonprofits: Improvements with Communications

Accounting for nonprofits includes both fundraising and finance. By focusing on what you hold in common and on the shared goals that support your organization’s mission, you’ll find that many aspects of your work improve. Software such as Intacct ERP software facilitates this transition as it provides enhanced reporting and insight into your organization’s data.

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