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Client Portal

At Beck & Company, protecting our clients’ privacy and the security of their personal and financial information has always been critically important. Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure that this information is protected, whether it is maintained electronically or on paper. With that in mind we are introducing a client portal which will be available through our website.

What is Portal?

The client portal is a web based application that utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to create an encrypted connection. If you currently do any banking or investing online‚ you are using a portal. It will also allow the quick and easy transfer of data files that are too large to send via email such as QuickBooks. Documents can be uploaded, reviewed and saved in a more collaborative environment between you and our firm.

In addition to the exchange of documents, we will publish electronic copies of all tax returns, correspondence and financial statements. You will now have 24/7 access to all your records should you need an electronic copy for attorneys or banks.

Who has access to your portal?

Only third parties to whom you grant access can view, retrieve or post documents. You can approve and set up as many users as you would like, but please keep in mind they have access to everything in your portal. All documents posted can be viewed by our staff.

Who can have a portal?

Portal is available to all our clients. If would like to have a portal set up, please email info@beckcpas.com with your request.


You can login to our Client Portal by clicking here.

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