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Discover how Intacct’s Cloud ERP software can streamline your finances and increase your business efficiency

Intacct’s Cloud-based ERP software is specifically designed to provide you with the control you need to simplify your financials so you can determine where – and how – to allocate your resources and time. Built in the Cloud environment, Intacct provides organizations with true business visibility and flexibility so they always are in the know. Designed to automate your organization’s financial processes and transform your financial department into one that strategically drives your company toward growth, Intacct has been voted one of the best-in-class financial ERP solutions on the market today.

Intacct will transform your business processes, allowing you to:

  • Increase your efficiency. By automating processes, improving oversight and controls and increasing accuracy and compliance, Intacct simply makes your business run better. With Intacct, your finance department will run more efficiently, while allowing other departments within the organization use the best tools for their part of the job.
  • Drive performance and growth. As financial managers you’re asked to do more than execute a process. You’re expected to provide information – valuable information – to run your business better. Many financial and ERP solutions can give you a snapshot dashboard of metrics. Intacct, however, lets you dig deeper in order to understand the true dynamics of your business. It provides visibility into both your financial and operating data so you make better long-term and more strategic decisions.

Plus, Intacct is flexible so you can use it in the office, on the go, or wherever – and however – you need it. It grows as you grow. As your needs change, so does Intacct. This allows you to manage your business well both today and in the future. With Intacct, you get efficiency plus growth, which will help your business operate to its fullest potential.

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