Client Accounting Services

Beck & Company CPA’s Client Accounting Services

Reduce cost while increasing the value delivered by your accounting functions.

Reducing cost through better utilization of accounting resources

HatsNonprofit organizations are constantly looking for ways make best use of their resources to focus on their cause. The complexity of managing the business aspects of a nonprofit organization while furthering its mission may cause the need to seek outside support for some elements.

Almost every nonprofit can benefit from the insights and expertise of a CFO or Controller, but few can afford someone full-time at this level and they may only have 5-10 hours of work for this person per month. By outsourcing these functions, your organization will be positioned to access CFO and Controllership skills, tailored to meet your specialized needs.

Reducing Costs through Business Process Optimization (BPO)

With a thorough assessment and analysis of your operations and the reorganization and optimization of your processes can reduce cost and increase efficiency.

When you outsource some or all elements of your accounting, you will:

  • Significantly reduce overhead – The finance and accounting function is a cost center and does not generate income.
  • Optimize processes and improve workflow.
  • Allow management to spend more time and effort on your operation.
  • Improve operational efficiencies that impact your bottom-line.
  • Re-direct finance and accounting expenses to pay for new programs and events.
  • Gain faster, better financial information to help direct your leaders and drive your mission.

Beck & Company CPA’s is an accounting and consulting firm delivering specialized expertise, creative thinking, and unsurpassed service to ensure that our clients’ financial endeavors flourish.

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